The Senate of Ankara University established the Faculty of Education with the Decree No. 463/2718 of 31.03.1964 under the second article of the Law No. 4936 on Universities. The decree was then approved by the Minister of National Education. The Senate commissioned the following academics to found the Faculty:

– Prof. Dr. Bedii Ziya Egemen,
– Prof. Dr. Bülent Nuri Esen,
– Prof. Dr. Yaşar Karayalçın,
– Prof. Dr. Mihri Mimioğlu,
– Prof. Dr. Hamide Topçuoğlu,
– Ord. Prof. Dr. Suut Kemal Yetkin.

These academics commenced founding work through electing Prof. Dr. Hamide Topçuoğlu as the first dean of the faculty.

The Faculty, as the first faculty of education in the country, launched teaching in the academic year 1965-1966 with 109 undergraduate students that graduated in 1969 to be the first graduates of the Faculty.

The Faculty served as the sole institution to “educate specialists of educational sciences with an effort to meet the need in the country”, which is one of the founding goals of the Faculty, until the 1980’s.

The Law No. 2547 of 1982 stipulated the transformation of 2- or 3-year teacher education institutes affiliated to the Ministry of National Education into “Faculties of Education” affiliated to universities. Then the name of our faculty was changed as “Faculty of Educational Sciences” to emphasize its difference from other faculties resulting from its founding goals.

The Faculty celebrates its establishment every year on the 3rd of March which marks the enactment of the “Law on Unification of Education.