Our library includes 36563 domestic and international books. As of 2009-2010 academic year, we are subscribed to 25 international journal. 2 of these journals are electronic, 9 of them are both electronic and printed, 14 of them are printed. We are also subscribed to 9 Turkish journals.

On a yearly basis, our library approximately extends its collection by buying new 1000-1500 books and by a donation of about 300. For example, in 2009, 1879 new books were bought; there were 1859 donations to the library in the same year.

There is a large reading hall, children’ library as well as periodicals. We also have access to world’s largest databases such as Elsevier, Blackwell, Springer, Nature Science and etc.

You can check new books and periodicals of library from the web page.

Due to renovation studies, reading hall of library could not be used. It is expected that the library will start service in the next term. Until then, you can only borrow books.

Children’ Library

There are 7126 e-books in the children’ library which was established to let the children to meet literary and instructive studies, to make children literature an important research area, to contribute to the number of children’ libraries, to create a strong relationship between children and library.


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Working Hours*

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 09.00-22.00

Tuesday, Thursday: 10.00-22.00

* There is a renovation in the library. Therefore, reading hall is out service for now.